Artificial intelligence Couldn’t Have Written this Article


Isn’t artificial intelligence amazing? Apart from doing awesome things, it has also taken the jobs of many people. While AI has the potential of becoming that huge revolutionary Terminator Skynet-like technology, it’s not there yet, thankfully.

I have made a big claim with the title, though. Artificial intelligence couldn’t have written this article. Let me tell you why.

It’s not done to death

Artificial intelligence can write on topics that have been done to death. This here is a completely original topic and nobody has written it yet. So yeah, go ahead and enter “Write an article on the topic artificial intelligence couldn’t have written this article” in ChatGPT.

I already tried that and it gave me a vague article that really just beats around the bush. It has no substantial point to make. If this topic was written a hundred times already, AI would’ve done it beautifully, no doubt. Yep, it lacks originality. Ask it to write something that hasn’t been written yet and it fails.

So there, it’s a completely original article written by a human with my human experience. Where else does AI fail in content writing? Let’s see.

What Else AI Can’t Do

AI might be a lean mean content machine but it ain’t got nothin’ on me. Let me tell you why I’m better than AI.

Long-form schmong-form

Ask AI to write a long form article and it fails. 300-400 words? Sure, it can write that. But in depth research to write long form? No siree, it can’t.

So go ahead and ask it to write a 2000-word essay on your favorite topic. And then put a word counter on that article. 500 words tops! Ha! Not so intelligent now, are you AI?

Research skills down the hill

Its research skills are as good as a 5 year old. Or maybe 7yo, idk. Google for the top 3-4 results on the same topic, cook them up together, and serve. Yes, it can do the job of an average $10-$15/hour content writer but if you’re looking for something better, AI is a no-go.

Personality? I don’t think so

Sure, it’s got looks but where’s the personality? The human touch. It writes articles as if it were a robot (which it is). If you want someone to have a crisp and fresh tone while writing articles, a human is what you need. You want someone who can connect to the audience. The AI can only connect to a robot audience.

Let me write a summary now

So yeah, if you’re looking for content that nobody’s going to read (you know, just for SEO), then AI is your thing. But if you want something more than that. If you have a real audience, you need a real human writer.

So there, I’m a human. Artificial intelligence couldn’t have written this article.


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